The 10-Week Summer Slim-Down

Are you ready to look and feel great?!? Then take our 10-Week Summer Slim-Down Challenge and get in shape this summer!

Look and feel great with this 10-Week Slim-Down Challenge you can do anywhere!

  • Get 10 weeks of workouts you can do anywhere in under 35 minutes.
  • Learn how to eat according to your goals
  • Reach your goals and feel and look great!
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Are you sick of yo-yo dieting and not feeling and looking the way you want?

  • Are you tired of programs that promise results, but just leave you feeling tired and deprived?
  • Do you want a workout program you can do anywhere in under 35 minutes?
  • Would you like to not only LOOK BETTER, but also FEEL BETTER?
  • Are you sick of trying to go it alone and ready to have some support and guidance?

Then You Need To Take The 10-Week Summer Slim-Down Challenge!

  • Build healthy habits that create LASTING results
  • Get 10 weeks of workouts you can do anywhere
  • Get Recipes and Nutritional Guidance
  • Look and feel great in 10 weeks!

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What You Get With The 10-Week Summer Slim-Down

  • The 10-Week Workout Guide

    All 10 weeks of the Challenged are mapped out for you in our Workout Guide. Follow these 35-minute bodyweight workouts to build strength and lose weight!

  • The 150-Page Exercise Guide

    In the Exercise Guide are all the moves you’ll need over the 10 weeks. Pictures and descriptions are included to help you perform the moves correctly no matter your level.

  • The Nutrition And Recipe Guide

    In your Nutrition Guide, are our 10 Clean Eating Guidelines for Success, our 5 Dialing In Your Diet Tips and a grocery list and recipes.

  • The Getting Started Guide

    This guide will help you get started and achieve success throughout the 10-week Challenge. Read this before beginning!

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Peak Inside The 10-Week Summer Slim-Down Challenge

With this program, you'll get our 10-Week Summer Slim Down Workout Guide, our 150-page Exercise Guide, a Complete Nutrition and Recipe Guide, and our Getting Started Guide. Check out a sneak-peak of the program below!

I'm Cori Lefkowith, Owner and Trainer at Redefining Strength

I became a personal trainer to help people become stronger, fitter, healthier, more empowered individuals.

And for most people, that starts with getting their diet and exercise program in line with their goals.

Almost everyone that comes into my gym wants to feel and look better.

And many of them have tried other programs, programs they simply couldn't stick to or that didn't get them the results they were looking for.

So I set out to create a program that worked. A program that not only got results, but was also realistic. Something that could fit into our stressful, crazy-busy lives yet get us the LASTING RESULTS we want.

This program is the 10-Week Slim-Down Challenge.

The 10-Week Challenge is a kick-start. It will help you develop a healthy lifestyle so that you not only lose weight, but also get stronger and fitter. It will help you develop lasting habits so that you not only get results during the 10 weeks, but can maintain those results long term.

So if you are ready to get real results, join our 10-Week Summer Slim-Down Challenge! I'm excited to help you reach your goals!

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